Weekly Links 9/30-10/6

Here’s a roundup of some interesting links I read through this week:

  • A cool looking ESP32-based board with PoE
  • Caleb Doxsey discusses using Kubernetes for pet projects. Would love to try this out, $5 a month.
  • Click is great tool for making command line python apps.
  • Ansible-Lockdown is a pretty slick collection of Ansible security roles.
  • After seeing ansible-lockdown, a coworker mentioned dev-sec, another collection of Linux security tools, including some Ansible and Chef.
  • Ansible 2.7 was released, go reboot all of your servers with the long-awaited “reboot” module.
  • Ansible Oracle/Guru Jeff Geerling discusses the future of community ansible projects, including some interesting tidbits on the future of Galaxy (community rankings coming!).
  • When I first started learning python, dictionary structures were really hard to wrap my head around, wish I had a dictionary tutorial like this.
  • Interesting run through of building an API with Flask and Connexion.
  • Slightly off topic, but I spend a lot of time 3D printing, Ultimaker Cura released version 3.5.
  • I was helping my girlfriend put a service on a VPS server, it worked out that systemd was the easiest way to get a service configured.  This post was useful referencing how to run a node app with systemd.
  • Molecule has been on my to-do for a few weeks now, turns out Ansible is adopting the project and future Galaxy roles will be rated on whether they use Molecule tests.  This post on Molecule and Vagrant seemed like a good place to start.

That’s it for this week, enjoy the fall weather!  Feel free to send any recommendations to noe@engonzal.com