Weekly Links 10/15-10/21: Raspberry Pi, Security and Python

Thanks for stopping by,  I have some more interesting links I wanted to share:

  • Remembering which git branch im on is always a struggle, GitPrompt is an interesting solution.
  • Interesting overview of Haw Hamburg University migrating kubernetes and ceph into a new network.
  • I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of having a Lora router or transceiver in my apartment, it’s at the top of my “i want this now!” list.
  • Some free security courses in GitHub!
  • I do a lot of work on Raspberry Pi’s, so when I saw that piwheels makes pulling down python packages quicker for ARM based pcs, I was very excited!
  • Running Hashicop vault is moving up in priority on my to-do list, I came across this article on how to set one up using Raspberry Pis.
  • Would love to run a Stratux server, it allows you keep an eye on aircraft traffic in your area.
  • A well put together article on VT-x, KVM and QEMU.   I used the Pocket podcast feature to have this one read to me.
  • Podman is RedHat’s alternative to Docker, interesting to see the how-to coming out.
  • Was wondering when they would do this: A TV receiver hat for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Bro, a network security monitor, just changed their name to Zeek.  I use Security Onion to monitor my home WAN connection and it utilizes Bro quite heavily.
  • sshuttle let’s you route traffic through ssh, say you’re working on a remote host that doesn’t have outgoing internet access, this would allow you to run some updates or pull down some code.

I started working on an Ansible InfluxDB role last week.  I’m trying to get playbooks together that specifically do not run as root.  I’ve been using systemd user services to ensure they come back up on reboots.  I’l have a role for that up sometime this coming week.  In general most applications do not need root access, it’s just convenient to pull down an apt package rather than setting things up manually.