Weekly Links 12/02-12/09: Proxmox, Security, Homelab

The holidays are upon us and time is short.  Enjoy some interesting links from this past week!

  • This article tears apart a docker image and gives an idea of what’s running whenever you do a “docker run”
  • Mimikatz is a tool to play with Windows security, linikatz is it’s Linux brother.  Might be interesting to play with on a sandbox host.
  • This was another well put together run through of Ansible Molecule testing.
  • I had a good time reading about Johnny’s homelab build, pictures included!  I really want to start highlighting more of these builds, it’s a blast reading through the Homelab sub-reddit.
  • I’ve been very interested in running a clustered database on Ceph storage.  This whitepaper from RedHat had a lot of interesting information about performance and tweaks.
  • Was trying to find a way to host an apt repo of the custom Solarflare drivers (ie a package for Debian/Ubuntu).  Might try just using a public Git repo in the lab.
  • A look at running containers in unprivileged mode.  There’s very few reasons you should ever need privileged containers anymore.  
  • I uploaded my Ansible playbook to provision Proxmox containers.  It save me a lot of clicking!  
  • Someone recommended this Proxmox Ansible inventory script.  Might be cool to use somehow in the future.