Weekly Links 10/29-11/4: VPN, Lab Apps, and Linux Basics

I didn’t get a ton of work done int he lab this week, but I did write about using subelements with Ansible. Also spent some time working with Graylog and Hashcorp Vault earlier in the week. I should be able to put a Graylog Ansible role up in the near future. Vault looks like it’s a little bit of a bigger project, but the structure is really interesting.

Weekly Links 10/15-10/21: Raspberry Pi, Security and Python

Thanks for stopping by,  I have some more interesting links I wanted to share: Remembering which git branch im on is always a struggle, GitPrompt is an interesting solution. Interesting overview of Haw Hamburg University migrating kubernetes and ceph into a new network. I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of having a Lora…