Weekly Links 12/09-12/16: AWX, Logging, NTP

  • There’s a run through of how to deploy Ansible AWX (Tower) on kuberenetes.  Right now Openshift/Kubernetes deployments are the only ways to scale out AWX.
  • NTP is probably one of the more important services you can run on all your homelab servers.  This article on building an NTP client was an interesting read.
  • Graylog, a central log management solution has a 3.0 preview up.  Note, preview software has bugs, but it’s fun to play with new features.  I’ve used splunk in the past, hit the paywall, moved to Graylog and love it!  Started considering it for some work projects.
  • I’ve been trying to find a better way to create static DNS entries, currently have everything pointed at my OPNSense route for DNS.  I’m looking to replace it with PowerDNS.  Might put it behind a load balancer like LVS.
  • InfluxData is combining a bunch of their services into one.  “Platform” A little concerned about this, I’m not a fan of “all in one” solutions. 
  • Docker Hub, the main source for public Docker images had a UI update.  Looks pretty slick, seems like it has all the same functionality as before.