Weekly Links 10/29-11/4: VPN, Lab Apps, and Linux Basics

I didn’t get a ton of work done in the lab this week, but I did write about using subelements with Ansible.  Also spent some time working with Graylog and Hashcorp Vault earlier in the week.  Vault looks like it will be a bigger project, but the structure is really interesting.

  • An interesting look at how devops has changed companies over the last few years.  A lot of sections highlight how general awareness of tech needs and processes is better.
  • I use ssh-copy-id pretty often, however it’s really really useful to know how to manually setup authorized_keys on a remote hosts.  Remember: “mkdir .ssh” && “chmod 700 .ssh” && “chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys”
  • This many-to-many VPN looks pretty slick and is coming to the kernel soon!  I use quite a few different cloud vps services and it would be awesome to have a secure way for them to talk to each other.
  • Someone posted this list of “selfhosted” apps on the Homelab reddit.  There’s so many things on there I’d love to add to my lab!
  • I’ve resigned that NFS is always going to be slow, but these changes highlighted by Phoronix indicate a performance boost in the future.
  • Ansible Vault is a great built in way to manage secrets, these tools add some really nice integrations with Git that make it a ton easier to use.
  • Time synchronization is pretty important for most apps.  While standard NTP is great, I really like Chrony and use it in my lab.  This is a Chrony setup guide that showed up in my feeds.
  • Setting up a VPN to access your Homelab can be a complex process and takes a while to get right.  I’ve found that using an SSH SOCKS proxy is a great way to access things while you’re away until you have the time for building a full VPN server.
  • Security Onion, the all-in-one security solutions for monitoring network traffic is migrating from Ubuntu to docker containers.  They released a tech preview and explains some of the process of migrating recently.

I have a couple Ansible roles to clean up so I can put them on Galaxy this week.  Enjoy your week!