Weekly Links 11/5-11/11: OKD, DevOps, and Ansible

I swear, this is the week I’ll do a write up about my lab.. Lots of interesting articles this week!  I’ve been reading a lot more about DevOps and security lately. I’m hoping to get some security related projects labbed up in the next few week. 

  • This is an interesting take on incorporating Devops into big business culture.  I work at a company of 500+ and some of the examples Sacha Labourey mentioned are totally relevant to my experience.
  • This very well thought out and put together piece on Ansible and Molecule testing had a great balance of technical details and examples.
  • Someone on reddit asked for a good first playbook to write.  I think the basics like adding packages and users is a great place to start.  My package and users role were the first I uploaded to Galaxy and usually the first I import for new projects.
  • Speaking of Ansible Galaxy, they’re still working on adding user ratings for roles.  A preview is up.
  • buildahomelab.com is hosted on a shared cpanel/wordpress server.  I just wanted to get writing.  But this article discussed setting up a WordPress blog using Ansible and Terraform.   In the future I plan to migrate it to something I built, maybe use something like Pelican.
  • OKD the community version of OpenShift is available on CentOS now!
  • Some of the talks from AnsibleFest 2018 are available online.  I think i’ll probably listen to:  “Migrating from Puppet” and “Balancing Security and Velocity”.
  • At a local Red Hat User Group (RHUG) meetup in Chicago I was able to hear an interesting talk about Ansible operators for Kubernetes.  Keith Resar’s notes are available here.
  • I really want to start working with Go more.  This looked like a pretty useful collection of string utils for Go.
  • The author of GetADevJob.com shares their experience learning to code and land interviews for software development positions.  It’s pretty interesting to hear about someone going from little experience to full time development!
  • Michael DeHaan had an interesting blog on ssh, specifically how he’s using ssh-agent in his new app Vespene.io.
  • This was an interesting post on using git-submodules.  I’ve used them for projects in the past and they’re pretty convenient for managing multiple repos/dependencies.
  • I saw this DevOps interview question tips post on Twitter a couple times. We’ve been interview for a new Linux Admin at my company, and these do seem like good questions to run by someone.  If anything they spark some intriguing conversation.
  • Some Docker image build tips.  So many Docker guides discuss running docker images, but they don’t always explain how to build Docker images.
  • Oracle’s changes to JDK have a lot of developers talking.  It seems like the consensus is that OpenJDK look very appealing.  Red Hat posted about using OpenJDK and the differences compared to Oracles JDK.
  • This neat little tool “cloc” shows how many lines of code a project has.  I’d like to take a look at what my Ansible roles look like and see if there are any outliers.  

I’ve been planning to do some Ansible basics posts and will be releasing one about using different “when” tests for Ansible tasks tomorrow.  Keep an eye out!