Weekly Links 11/12-11/18: Ansible, Kubernetes, and DevOps

Running a little late today, I was at a friendsgiving yesterday and we decided to go bowling in the evening..  Lots happened this past week though!

  • Cloudflare released their SSH VPN alternative.  This also discusses some of the pain points they have with using VPN.  Unfortunately it relies on their “ArgoTunnel” service, which look an awful lot like a VPN..
  • Ansible released version 2.7.2, mostly bug fixes, some other fixes to how Ansible interacts with VMWare which I’ll probably test out.  Also, Ansible Galaxy moved the community features they’ve been discussing to prod.
  • This key lime pie protein shake is delicious, and not all terrible for you.  Sorry, random.
  • Red Hat released the RHEL 8 beta, it’ll be a pretty big release for them, I’m looking forward to trying it out!
  • HomelabOS is a pretty slick way of spinning up some home media apps with Ansible.  I really like the idea of this!
  • I’ve been playing with Openshift more lately, this runs through how to build a docker image for a Python app.
  • I finally deployed a small kubernetes cluster with kubespray.  It was a pretty big Ansible playbook, but things seem to work fine.  My run was interrupted a couple times, and it picked up right where it left off.  Anyway, i’ll be checking this out next “Kuberenetes 202”
  • More projects for Kubernetes and OpenShift, this runs through how to put Gitea on kubernetes.  Gitea is a pretty slick, light GitHub alternative.  
  • Jeff Geerling did an excellent run through of “DevOps” general principals and some examples from his life and experience.  

Also be sure to check out my refresher post on Ansible “when” statements.  All this snow means more time in the lab, enjoy the upcoming holidays!