Weekly Links 11/19-11/25: Ceph, Project work, Music

I’ve been pretty deep into Ceph.  I’m rebuilding my multimedia setup.  I was hoping to use Ceph for persistent storage in docker containers, but had some issues doing that.  Ended up mounting a share with cephfs and sharing it out via NFS.  Not pretty but it’s working!

  • Another post from Michael Dehaan discussing the differences between Ansible and his new tool “OpsMop”.  Some pretty interesting discussion early goals for Ansible and how he’s trying to do them better with OpsMop.
  • Just snagged a $5 year of Shodan, then internet scanning tool.  Pretty excited to play with it in a new python project.  This article covers some basic usage of Shodan.
  • I relied on this cephfs guide from JamesCoyle pretty heavily while fooling around with Ceph storage this week.
  • Google is offering private Git repositories.  While I’ll probably move my local Gitea instance to a VPS server, it’s nice to have options for private repos.
  • I listen to the Beers with Talos podcast pretty often, it’s usually pretty interesting to hear some of the cyber security stories they have.  This post from FireEye discussed a phising campaign that hit Government/military/defense targets.  
  • The “Container Operators Manual” is probably the reallest container talk I’ve ever watched.  Alice hit’s all the major pain points that organizations hit when migrating to containers.  I found myself saying “Yeah we had this problem!  Yes that was so annoying!”
  • Anna Simoroshka has some great advice for working on side projects and managing time.  I forgot how hard it is to work on side projects during the winter/holidays.  It was refreshing to read some of these tips and remind myself to prioritize project work.
  • Music recommendations for coding (or homelabbing in my case).

My Ceph storage setup has a few OSDs (disks) that are slow, and I notice it while working on my VMs.  I’m probably gonna have to look into creating a pool with only SSD storage.  It’ll be interesting figuring out how to define that in the crush map.  Have a great week!