Weekly Links 10/7-10/14: AnsibleFest, Molecule and Python

There are a lot of interesting happenings with Ansible this week.  I’ve been watching the tweets for AnsibleFest and am pretty excited to see what they announce.  Here’s a roundup of some interesting links I read through this week:

  • Interesting post on web scraping, I was looking into a way to collect results from the upcoming elections since most state’s dont have an accesible API showing election results so you have to rely on news sites.
  • A big list of programming courses you can take.  Had some Mongo/python, but also ccna, aws, game development, and general test automation. 
  • Hot off Ansiblefest, Digital Ocean has a great tutorial on Ansible/Molecule testing.
  • Ansible performance tweak have always been interesting for me, mitogen keeps popping up on my radar.
  • Some general info on debugging Ansible plays, this covered some things I do on the regular while working with Ansible. 
  • So I started playing with Molecule, and looked at LXD as an alternative to Docker, it’s actually really slick and for most cases.  It’s like docker, but if docker looked more like a virtual machine.
  • More on Molecule, this post was a little more detailed and relevant to what I was doing.
  • BeeGFS is a new filesystem to play with, I spent some time with btrfs a while back and it was a good refresher on filesystems.  This post covered how to deploy BeeGFS with Ansible.
  • Ansible started leaving more info on their community projects.
  • A cool 10G switch that’s low on power usage from Mikrotik that I really want.

I’ll be digging into Molecule/TravisCI this week and I’m looking to do another tutorial post on that.  I also finalized my home Proxmox cluster and want to write about that!